(A research laboratory for Micro and Nano Scale Phenomena)

                    The Nanotechnology Research Laboratory at the School of Nanoscience & Technology acts as a resource center to address the scientific problems related to nanotechnology.  The objectives of the laboratory include synthesis and production of nanoparticles, investigation of thermophysical property enhancement using nanofluids, microscale and nanoscale fluid flow and heat transfer, carbon nanotechnology, discrete computational modeling, and various other areas of nanotechnology relevant to future science and engineering.

Research Problems

      Enhancement of thermophysical properties of fluids by nanoparticle inclusion
      Combustion and performance of fuels with nano-sized additives for catalysis
      Optical measurements in nanofluids under static and convective flow conditions
      Multiscale models for nanoparticle modified surfaces
      Discrete modeling of nanoscale processes Molecular dynamics
      Continuum modeling of flow and heat transfer in small channels
      Convective transport of nanofluids in microchannels


                 The Nanotechnology Research Laboratory aims at initiating and pursuing research activities in areas related to nanotechnology and nanoscale phenomena through funded research projects, doctoral and masters level projects, bachelor degree projects, short term programs and collaborative research with other universities, institutes and industries. The major funding of the laboratory is through TEQIP (Technical Education Quality Improvement Program) of the Government of India.  There are also research projects sponsored by other scientific funding agencies such as the Department of Science and Technology, Government of India.  Various research problems of academic and industrial importance are being addressed in the laboratory.  Apart from the experimental and computational facilities in the laboratory, assistance from centralized facilities and other laboratories are also utilized in synthesis, characterization and analysis, as and when required.


                The major facilities available in the laboratory include standard equipment as well as custom-made test rigs and experimental systems developed as part of the ongoing research projects.

      High-end graphics work stations
      Equipment for synthesis and preparation of nanofluids
      Test rigs for thermal conductivity measurement in nanofluids
      Characterization and testing apparatus for fuels with nano-additives
      Experimental facilities for thermal phenomena in nanofluids
      Optical measurement facility Laser Interferometry