Best Outgoing Female Researcher Award 2023

Dr. Abinaya S, who completed her Ph.D. in 2022 from NITC under Dr. George K. Varghese (Associate Professor, Department of Civil Engineering) and Dr. M. K. Ravi Varma (Professor, Department of Physics), has secured the Best Outgoing Female Researcher Award 2023, jointly presented by Research Forum NIT Calicut and CWSE.

In addition to the various publications in reputed journals and best paper awards at international conferences, her research on estimating occupational exposure to air pollution has won multiple accolades and was included in the United States- Environmental Protection Agency’s Health & Environmental Research Online database.

She has presented her work at multiple international conferences abroad and has received three travel grants - International Student Travel Award by Society for Risk Analysis, United States of America; Centre for Co-operation in Science & Technology among Developing Societies (CCSTDS) travel grant; the Open Philanthropies travel grant award.

She is currently a Senior Research Associate, Centre for Policy Research, Delhi and a Visiting Faculty at the School of Planning and Architecture, Delhi.




NITC team wins accolades at the e-Yantra Robotics competition at IIT Bombay

The NITC team consisting of two Third year B.Tech students, Eldho Kuriakose (Electronics and Communication Engineering) and Vivek Pankaj (Computer Science and Engineering) developed the Roadboat for efficient maintenance of roads. Both these students are members of the Robotics Interest Group (RIGNITC) at NIT Calicut.

The RoadBot is controlled using Raspberry Pi and programmed in Elixir, a functional programming language that helps in the efficient utilization of multiple cores in Raspberry Pi. This makes the RoadBot highly efficient and capable of handling complex tasks.

The winning team from NITC, Eldho Kuriakose and Vivek Pankaj, with the Roadbot model and the certificates



Powerful victory’ of NIT Calicut in the All India Inter NIT Power sports competition 2022-23

The NITC Body Building team placed Overall First Runner-up in the All India Inter NIT Body Building and Powerlifting Competition 2022–23 held at SVNIT Surat from Feb 16-19. The detailed results are as follows; NIT Calicut secured 2 Gold, 1 Silver and 1Bronze medal in the competition.

Body Building

1. Lijith (Under 65 category) – Gold
2. Pradeep (under 74category) - Silver
3. Akhileesh (under 60 category) - Bronze


1. Sagar Singh (90+ Weight category) – Gold




NIT Calicut ‘made waves’ in the All India Inter-NIT Swimming competition 2022-23

The NIT Calicut Swimming Team of 8 members finished up with 7 medals in the All India Inter-NIT Swimming competition held at NIT Rourkela from Feb 10-12, 2023. Deepilli Sujay, the team captain for swimming, won four medals, and Sarah, the only female representative of the institute, won two medals.

1. 50 Freestyle  - Deepilli Sujay - Gold 
2. 100 Freestyle - Deepilli Sujay - Gold
3. 50 Butterfly   - Deepilli Sujay - Bronze
4. 400 Freestyle - Sarah - Silver
5. 200 Freestyle - Sarah - Bronze
6. 200 Freestyle - Zacharia - Bronze
7. 4*50 Freestyle team relay - Bronze   ,Zacharia, Krithik, Reuben, Sujay


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Mrs Aarabhi Nambiar, a student of the PhD programme of the Department of Architecture and Planning has won the best paper award in an international conference/Symposium

Mrs Aarabhi Nambiar, a student of the PhD programme of the Department of Architecture and Planning, NITC has won the best paper award in the international symposium "7th Annual Research on Cities'  held at Xavier Institute of Human Settlements, XIM University, Bhubaneswar. More than 100 papers were presented at the symposium. Her paper titled "Spatial decision Support system for enhanced land use planning through land degradation Neutrality- A case of Kasargod district, Kerala was jointly guided by Dr.Mohammed Firoz C and Dr.Anjana Bhagyanathan.



Commendable performance by NITC students in All India Inter-NIT Sports Competition


The All India Inter NIT Tournament for Volleyball, Kabaddi and Yoga was held at NIT Surathkal from January 20 – 22, 2023. Men's and women's teams from NIT Calicut participated in all three tournaments. The male and female yoga team won the second runner-up spot in their competition. The men's kabaddi team won their pool league match against SVNIT Surat. The women's kabaddi team competed in a string of tense matches, winning over SVNIT Surat and NIT Rourkela en route to the quarterfinals against NIT Trichy. The women's volleyball team won their pool league match against NIT Trichy. The men's volleyball team played outstandingly, winning matches against NIT Andhra Pradesh, NIT Patna, NIT Surat, and NIT Jalandhar en route to the championship match against NIT Mizoram. The team finished the series in second place after scoring 26-24, 19-25, 23-25, and 25-27 in the nail-biting sets, respectively. The Men's> Volleyball team's Choppara Avinash won the title of Best All-Rounder for the volleyball tournament.


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Mr. Joel Mathew Cherian bags the Prof. P.M Jussay Gold Medal for the Best Outgoing Student of NITC


Mr. Joel Mathew Cherian, final year B.Tech student of the Computer Science and Engineering Department has bagged the coveted 'Prof. P.M Jussay Gold Medal' for the Best Outgoing Student of NITC. The award is instituted by the NIT Calicut Alumni Association.
Being a versatile student, Joel has been able to strike a balance in both academics and extracurricular activities. He has exhibited exemplary academic performance by securing an SGPA of 9 and above in all seven semesters. As a member of various technical associations like the AI Club, CSEA and IEEE Computer Society, Joel has organised numerous events within our campus and beyond. He has played an integral role in publishing the CSE department newsletter, Threads. In addition to this, he has initiated various social welfare projects by developing mobile applications for NGOs and other governmental organisations. He has also won multiple awards in hackathons conducted by the institute as well as other technical organisations. He was an active member of the Literary and Debating Club and the Drama Team. He has also won awards in national-level debate and elocution competitions. This award is truly a testament to his hard work and perseverance.
NITC family extend Hearty Congratulations to Joel and wish him all the best in all his future endeavors.



Selected for Sponsored Thesis Competition NIUA, NMCG


In an ever-growing world where technology and socio-economic trends are unfolding at a considerably increasing rate, it is inadmissible for anything to remain stagnant. In the grand scheme of time and space, human civilization as a whole is at a mere split of the fingers. 

With roots in the Sangam city, Prayagraj, Vishrut Goswami(B180263AR), Final year B.Arch Student had always admired his city since it has a vibrant history and a glorious past. Having had a chance to be woven into the thread of storytellers, from the Kumbh Mela, one of the largest peaceful, religious gatherings in the world, with an estimated 120 million people visiting over the two months is as astonishing as is to see its ever-growing pack. The sheer size of the gathering raises many logistical challenges as well as for the governments that regulate and plan the Kumbh Mela. Historically, the Kumbh Mela has had issues with the control and safety of the masses of pilgrims. Part of the solution for controlling the masses of people is the careful planning of infrastructure and built complexes. The Kumbh Mela has continued to grow drastically over time and has grown into the complex mega-city that gets constructed for each pilgrimage.

In-order to solve this issue Vishrut Goswami along with his mentor Ar. Ritesh Rajana are planning for a solution which is also Vishrut’s final year thesis which is an investigation of various possibilities in impermanent architecture and urban spaces. It will aim to question and challenge the accepted assumptions of architecture in terms of time and permanence in the context of urban landscapes. Architecture cannot keep up with changes in technological, social, and ecological needs. This thesis will not only inspect how much potential ephemeral architecture has to become a state-of-the-art model in developing cities but also will formulate and understand current models to scrutinize their capability to give contemporary remedies to changing urban dynamics and urban processes alongside conventional architectural approaches.


Vishrut has recently be selected as a finalist for a sponsored thesis competition by National Institute of Urban Affairs (NIUA) & National Mission for Clean Ganga (NMCG) amongst the Under Graduate Category. The National Institute of Urban Affairs (NIUA) and Namami Gange have been building a network of young professionals to provide innovative solutions for urban river management through its annual Student Thesis Competition on ‘Reimagining Urban Rivers’. This will play a prominent role in realizing PM Modi’s vision of India’s G20 presidency to be “inclusive, ambitious, decisive and action-oriented”.
For the third Season of the Student Thesis Competition, NIUA and NMCG have onboard the young 20 finalists.
Students will now commence work on their thesis with expert advice from NIUA, NMCG and their professors. Under this initiative, students will receive a funding of Rs. 50,000 to conduct through research on the subject and to arrive at unique solutions for some of the most pressing challenges faced by urban rivers.








NITC is Proud of our Students Achievements in interNIT sports competitions

  • The NIT Calicut Men's Athletics team finished runner up in the All India Inter-NIT Athletics 2022-'23 conducted by MNIT Jaipur.
  • The NIT Calicut Women's Table Tennis team finished second runner up in the All India Inter-NIT Table Tennis Tournament conducted by NIT Silchar, Pamula Sai Shritha B200616CE, Shimaila Praveen B210381CE, Anjana Unnikrishnan E B190749EP, Bhawna Gupta M210496EE were part of the women's team.
  • Irshad Ibrahim B190293PE, the captain of NIT Calicut, won gold in the Long Jump with a meet record jump of 6.20m.
  • Aparna Prasad B200518CE won Gold Medal in individual category in the All India Inter NIT Chess Tournament conducted by NIT Silchar.
  • Adil K B200215EE secured Silver Medal in 400m. Karthik B B200718CS secured Silver Medal in High Jump. Athira Suresh B200545CE secured Silver Medal in Triple Jump. 
  • Ali Faisal B210426CE secured Bronze Medal in Shot Put & Discus Throw.  Ananthakrishnan M B200712CS secured Bronze Medal in Triple Jump. Sandrima G B191178ME secured Bronze Medal in Triple Jump in Athletics in the All India Inter NIT Sports Tournament 2022-23 organised by MNIT Jaipur.
  • Irshad Ibrahim B190293PE, Anooj Anil P B200429CH, Adil K B200215EE, Ananthakrishnan M B200712CS secured bronze in 4*100m Relay Men
  • Mathushika Murugiah B201309CE, G Sandrima B191178ME, Athira Suresh B200545CE, Shreyasi Saha B210553CS secured bronze in 4*100m Relay Women.

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EP student won 2nd prize in DRDO's Dare to Dream 3.0 Contest, Innovations in Defense and Aerospace


Mr. Suryasaradhi, BTech EP (2018-22) has secured second prize in Dare to Dream 3.0 Contest, Innovations in Defence and Aerospace, Technology Development Fund, DRDO ( His project was on “Messaging and Voice for Underwater Systems (MVUS)”. The project deals with Low power Underwater high fidelity voice communication equipment leveraging AI techniques and hybrid laser - sound modulation. He will receive the award from Honorable Raksha Mantri, Shri Rajnath Singh ji on 20th October 2022, during Defence Expo 22 in Gandhinagar.

He was also a recipient of “BTech Innovative Project” from NIT Calicut under the guidance of Dr. Subramanyan Namboodiri Varanakottu in 2021 on the development of voice coil based optical chopper. Patent filing is in progress for this project as well.


Best Thesis Award-2021

Ms. Meghna of class 2021, M.Plan has been selected for the prestigious Best Thesis Award-2021 by the Institute of Town Planners, India (ITPI)- Kerala chapter. Dr. Shyni Anilkumar has guided the student. A proud moment.
Hearty congratulations

Best Paper Award

The Best Paper Award at the 8th International & 29th All India Manufacturing Technology, Design, and Research Conference (AIMTDR 2021), held at Coimbatore in December 2021, has been bagged by the paper titled “Part quality improvement of fused filament fabrication based additive manufacturing by means of slicing software modifications” authored by Mr. Anand Sankar M, Dr. Deepak Lawrence K and Dr. Jose Mathew, Advanced Manufacturing Research Centre, Department of Mechanical Engineering, NIT Calicut. Anand Sankar M  was a student of M. Tech - Manufacturing Technology (2019-2021) & Dr. Deepak Lawrence (Asst. Professor, MED) and Dr. Jose Mathew (Professor-HAG, MED) were his guides for the M.Tech. Project work.

 Best Emerging Researcher Award

The Best Emerging Researcher Award in the recently concluded 14th International Conference on Sensing Technology 2022, organized by IIT Madras and Macquarie University, Sydney, Australia,  has been bagged by Mr. Abin Dany Mathew, 4th year B.Tech student, Dept. of Electrical and Electronics Engineering, for presenting the paper titled “A Simple, Linear Circuit for Measurement of Sub-pF Range of Capacitances Using a Double Differential Measurement Approach”.  This paper is co-authored by Mr. Hemanth Sankar, 4th year B.Tech student, Dept. of Production Engineering and Dr. Mithun Muthiah Sakthivel (UG Project Guide &  Asst. Professor, Dept. of Electrical and Electronics Engineering, NITC).

Selection of NCC Cadets to the National Camp

Mr. Arjun V. S., M.Tech (Energy Engineering) student of the Department of Mechanical Engineering secured the second best M.Tech Thesis Award instituted by the 'Indian Society for Heat and Mass Transfer, Regional Chapter, Thiruvananthapuram'. He was guided by Dr. T. J.  Sarvoththama Jothi, Assistant Professor, MED.

Sri. A K Balasubramaniam, NITC alumnus (1978-83  B.Tech Mechanical Engineering) & Rtd. Director (Technical), Nuclear Power Corporation of India Ltd., was elected  as a Fellow of the Indian National Academy of Engineers (INAE).

Dr. Subhash C K, who completed his PhD from School of Materials Science and Engineering of NITC, won the prestigious INSPIRE Faculty Fellowship 2020 under the Engineering Sciences category. He is currently working at the Centre for Nano and Soft Matter Sciences, Bengaluru.

Dr. Nujoom Sageeer KaratT, who completed his B.Tech from the Department of ECE, NITC, won the prestigious INSPIRE Faculty Fellowship 2020 under the Engineering Sciences category. He is currently an Inspire Faculty Member in the Department of ECE, NIT Calicut.

Miss Chandini.K 4th semester M.T ech student of Environmental geotechnology received best paper award for the paper presented from her ongoing Mtech Project work

MED B.Tech., M.Tech. and Ph.D. Students won Best Project Award/ Best Paper Award

Young Researcher Award constituted by Springer - HWWE Conference 2018

REBUILD Kerala 2018 first prize won by students Dept of Architecture and Planning, NIT Calicut.


Ms. Rhinithaa (Mech. Engg.) bags TCS   award for the Best outgoing B.Tech student( 2017)

The recognition of student project "Portable and ecofriendly shelter for migrant labourers", the work done by 3rd year B.Arch. students.


Ms. Anna S Kynadi, PhD Scholar of the School of Biotechnology received first prize in the Student Project Competition organized at NIT Calicut on May 8th 2017 in association with National Technology Day 2017. The research project entitled “Biodegradable plastics from bacteria using rubber seed oil as carbon source” was guided by Dr. Suchithra T.V., School of Biotechnology, NITC.


NITC Student Won the Debate Conducted by Punjab National Bank


KSEBEA State Level Result

   AWARD: "Mr. Aditya Kumar and Mr. Soumyajit Gangopadhyay of final year EEE students received First prize in the State Level Seminar  Competition organised by the KSEB Ltd  with the support of IEEE Power & Energy Society, Kerala Section, held on 14 March 2017 at Thiruvananthapuram. 

The team was also  the winner for the "Best Implementable and Innovative Idea".

Ms. Lakshmi Prabha, the Final Year B. Arch. Student won the "BEST PAPER AWARD" in the International Conference on Sustainable Built Environment 2017 conducted by the Department of Architecture and Planning at IIT Roorkee from 3rd to 5th February 2017.

The research paper entitled "THERMAL PERFORMANCE OF RCC ROOFS: EXPERIMENTAL INVESTIGATION OF ROOFS WITH DIFFERENT COVERING MATERIALS" was co-authored by Dr. Naseer M.A., Associate Professor and Head, Department of Architecture, NIT Calicut.
NITCAA Best Outgoing Student 2017 Award to Ms Rhinithaa P.T. 

The paper entitled Analysis of the Influence relationship models in an equity network: A case of Indian Equity Market’ by Biplab Bhattacharjee, Research Scholar SOMS, won the Best Paper Award at the 4th International Conference on Business Analytics and Intelligence 2016 (ICBAI- 2016) held at Indian Institute of Science Bangalore during 19-21 December, 2016




In the National conference on Innovative Engineering Technologies-2016 organized by CHRIST UNIVERSITY , faculty of Engineering  - Dept. of Electronics & Communication Engineering Banglore, in association with IEEE  student branch and IETE, The paper titled "SIMULATION AND OPTIMIZATION OF CRUDE OIL DISTILLATION USING ASPEN HYSYS" authored by SHANKAR N, ANEESH V, Research scholar CHED and Dr. SIVASUBRAMANIAN V, Associate Professor, CHED won the "BEST PAPER AWARD"


AeroUnwired bags first prize (Regular Class) in SAEINDIA Aero Design Challenge 2016

Miss Kalyani Krishna (M130170CE) received award for best MTech thesis

PROJECT : Ground Improvement of Soft  Clay Using Compacted Lime Fly ash  Column Method

IGS-AISAT AWARD for best M Tech Thesis in geotechnical engineering in Kerala 2014

Guide- S.Chandrakaran


B.Tech ECE final year students received best paper award on "High SNR EMG Acquisition System for Biofeedback Applications"

Paper Name : High SNR EMG Acquisition System for Biofeedback Applications
Authors         : Aravind E Vijayan, Asma Beevi, Kevin Jerome, Kartika C Ravindran, Dhanaraj KJ
Conference   : International Conference on Computational Intelligence and Communication Technology(ICCICT 2015)
Dates             : 13-14 February, 2015
Place             : Ghaziabad, New Delhi

DOI                :


Geethu Sebastian tops in GATE 2015

"Geethu Sebastian, student of 2008-2013 Batch B. Arch. secured "FIRST RANK" in the "Architecture and Planning" section of GATE 2015.


First prize for paper Presentation in Savishkar(MANIT, Bhopal)

Computer Science and Engineering BTech Final year students Mevin Dominic, Karun Thankachan and Anup Kumar participated in Savishkar, a three days National Exhibition and Symposium based on Science & Technology conducted for the graduate and postgraduate students of Science, Engineering and Technology, Organised at Maulana Azad National Institute of Technology (MANIT), Bhopal. They were able to secure first Prize for Paper presentation.

Event: Paper Presentation
Theme : Open Category
Paper Name : American Sign Language Recognition


The technical paper presented by Ms. Liyana V.P. and Ms. Aminakutty.N,  8th SEM BTech (Engineering Physics)  received the best paper award and Cash prize  in Savishkar, National Exhibition and Symposium  on  innovative and Futuristic Approaches in Science & Technology-iFAST conducted for the graduate and postgraduate students of Science, Engineering and Technology  organized by the  Maulana Azad National Institute of Technology (MANIT)  at Bhopal from 26-28 Feb, 2015.  The title of the technical paper was “DNA BASED OFET TOWARDS SUSTAINABLE ELECTRONICS.  Ms. Liyana and Aminakutty belong to the LABORTORY FOR MOLECULAR PHOTONICS AND ELECTRONCS (LAMP) Research group at the Department of Physics.

Best Paper and Presentation award for final year B.Tech Production Engineering students at BITS Pilani-"Quark-15"

Mr.Tarun.M.S and Mr.Saikumar.M of final Year B.Tech Production Engineering won the Best paper and presentation award at BITS Pilani in the Conference-Quark-15 under the supervision of Dr.K.Prabhakaran Nair and K.Sekar -MED. This project was financially supported by TEQIP II


NITC-IUPUI joint publication bags the Best Paper Award in IEEE ICCABS 2014, Florida, USA

Best Poster Award at International Conference on Advances in New materials [ICAN 2014]

 Mr. Rahul Soman, Research scholar working under the guidance of  Dr. C. Arunkumar, Assistant Professor, Department of Chemistry, NIT Calicut has won the best poster award at International Conference on Advances in New materials [ICAN 2014] held at University of Madras during 20-21 June 2014 for the paper titled “NOVEL SINGLE CRYSTALLINE PORPHYRINIC SEMICONDUCTOR MATERIALS FORMED BY WEAK INTERMOLECULAR INTERACTIONS INVOLVING ORGANIC FLUORINE”. The paper is coâ€Âauthored by Dr. Subramaniam Sujatha, Principal Investigator, Bio-inorganic Materials Research Laboratory, Department of Chemistry, NIT Calicut.


Mr. Abdul Rasheed P and Ms. Reny Thankam Thomas, Ph.D. Scholars of School of  Nano Science and Technology, won the prestigious Best paper award in the 26th Kerala Science Congress held at Wayanad

Mr. Abdul Rasheed P and Ms. Reny Thankam Thomas, Ph.D. Scholars of School of  Nano Science and Technology, won the prestigious Best paper award in the 26th Kerala Science Congress held at Wayanad, in the categories Chemical Science & Technology and Engineering Sciences, respectively. The award comprises of a certificate, cash price of Rs. 10000/- and a contingency of Rs 1 Lakh.


Congratulations to Mr. Abdul Rasheed P and  Ms. Reny Thankam Thomas and their Research supervisor Dr.N.Sandhyarani,  Associate Professor, School of  Nano Science and Technology.

Following are the details of the papers:


Category : Chemical Science and Technology


Reny Thankam Thomas, N Sandhyarani


Category : Engineering Sciences


P Abdul Rasheed, N Sandhyarani

2012 ISTE G.S.F.C. National Award for Best M.Tech. Thesis in Mechanical Engineering    


 Deepak G. Dilip
 Dept. of Mech.Engg.
 National Institute of Technology Calicut

 For the thesis titled : Multi-Objective Optimization of Process Parameters in
 Micro Drilling using Vibration Assisted Micro EDM

 Guided by : Dr. Jose Mathew, Professor & Dean (R&C)
 Dept. of Mechanical Engineering
 National Institute of Technology Calicut

 The award consists of cash prize of Rs 10,000 to the winner, Medallion
 and Certificate to winner and thesis guide

NITC CSE team bag first prize in  ethical hacking contest 

Three BTech CSE final year students-  Karthik Singhal,  Nithin V Nath and Jerrin Shaji George won the first prize in SCTF 2012, a Natonal Level "Capture the Flag" style ethical hacking contest organized as part of the first International Conference on Security of Internet of Things held between August 16 to 19 at the Kollam campus of Amrita University . These students were mentored by Sri. Vinod Pathari.

Hearty Congratulations to all the members and the Faculty  mentor!!!


Inria Best Paper Award

 The paper titled "Residential search algorithm with multi criteria", authored by Bimal P, Asst. Professor, and Dr. P.P. Anilkumar, Associate