Internal Quality Assurance Cell (IQAC)


 Chairperson  Director/ Deputy Director, NIT Calicut
 Faculty representatives

 Dr Unnikrishnan G.,CHY

  Dr Shiny Joseph, CHED

  Dr Gopakumar G., CSED

 Dr Radha Ramanan, SOMS

 Dr Parameswaran P, Chairman ETL

 Dr Ratnakumar K., MED

 Dr Gopakumar P., EED

 Dr Harikrishna M, CED

 Member from Board of Governors  Dr. Chithra K, DAP
 Senior administrative officers

 Assistant Registrar (Academic)

 Assistant Registrar (S&P)

 Member from Local society  Mr. E. K Kutty, Scientist (Retd.), ISRO
 Student Member  Academic Affairs Secretary, SAC, NITC.
 Member from Alumni  Mr. Charley J Thomas, Thoms Group, VK Sankunny Road, Calicut
 Nominee from Employers  Mr. Sudhakaran K. S., Chairman & Managing Director,
 SANPAR Industries Pvt. Ltd. Bangalore
 Nominee from Industrialists  Mr. Nityanand Kamath, Managing Director, Ace Group, Calicut
 Nominee from Stakeholders
 Dr.T.P. Sethumadhavan, Professor, TD University of Health Sciences &   Technology, Bengaluru.
 Coordinator/Director of the IQAC  Dr Sunil Jacob John, MAT