Adventure Club is one among the students club of National Institute of Technology Calicut. Established in around 1960’s and since then it’s doing a great job for entertainment and recreation of the students of the college.


The major events conducted by us are


· Adrenaline

             A inter branch event mainly for first years ,to create a sportive spirit and unity among the fresher's.


· Campus Trekking

             Trekking in the forest of our college campus. Just for recreation .


· Visit trekking

             A team of people will be taken for any trekking places nearby for having a good time. Places taken till now include Thushargiri, Waynad, etc.


· Marathon

             One of the most important program by us to create any promotions and publicity .


· Treasure Hunt

             Isn't the name sounds good….yeah this event is really adventures. Decode the code and lead all the way to your victory.


· Monsoon Madness

             This event focuses on playing rough games for sportive spirit and fun. Boys have to play Kabbadi in group, and gals Kho Kho.


· Road to Eldorado

             This is again a treasure hunt mainly for students of’s and MCA students.



And many more...