Ph.D. Ongoing
Sl.No: Name of Scholar Title Guide
1 SUJO P. GEORGE Adaptive Relaying for Smart Grid Applications Dr. Ashok S
2 ABHILASH T. VIJAYAN Visual surveying of industrial robots Dr. Ashok S
3 SIVAPRASAD A. Development of multi input DC-DC Converter Topologies for hybrid Renewable Energy Integration Dr. Kumaravel S , Dr. Ashok S
4 ROHIT K.MATHEW Resiliency and Reliability Assessment Electric power systems Dr. Ashok S, Dr. Kumaravel S
5 VINU THOMAS Control strategies for Hybrid AC-DC Microgrid Dr. Kumaravel S , Dr. Ashok S
6 ROHIKKA MICKY R. Dynamic Security Assessment of Microgrids. Dr. Ashok S, Dr. Sunitha R
7 JOSEPH P VARGHESE Transmission Line Congestion Management Using Distributed Generation . Dr. Ashok S, Dr. Kumaravel S.
8 HARITHA G Stability Enhancement in Microgrids. Dr. Kumaravel S, Dr. Ashok S
9 JANESH N M Wind Energy Engineering Dr. Ashok S
10 MEGHA G KRISHANAN Hybrid Strategies For Robot Control With Visual Feedback. Dr. Ashok S
11 SIGI C JOSEPH V2G and V2H Applications in Smart Grids. Dr. Ashok S
12 SAUGATO DEY 3-Axis Platform Stabilizer with Target Detection and Tracking Dr. Sunil Kumar T K, Dr. Ashok S
13 GRACE SADHANA S Stability Analysis on Microgrid Supported by Hybrid Renewable Energy Resources. Dr. Ashok S, Dr. Kumaravel S
15 RAVISHANKAR A N Transactive Energy Framework for Microgrid Management. Dr. Ashok S, Dr. Kumaravel S
16 EMMANUEL BABU P Performance Enhancement of Electric Motors. Dr. Kumaravel S., Dr. Ashok S
17 GURU KUMAR GANGAVARAPU Multi Input DC to DC Converters for Renewable Energy Applications. Dr. Kumaravel S. Dr. Ashok S
18 GUGULOTH RAMESH Congestion Management in Restructured Power Systems with FACTS and Micro Grid. Dr. T K Sunilkumar
19 PRIYA N Design of Controller for interval systems. Dr. T K Sunilkumar
20 SHINGARE DEODATTA YASHAWANT Dynamic support of DFIG based grid wind energy conversion system to grid. Dr. T K Sunilkumar
21 SURESH K. DAMODARAN Optimal Environmental Economic dispatch in a Deregulated Power system. Dr. T K Sunilkumar
22 MINI V Reactive power management in Deregulated Power system. Dr. T K Sunilkumar
23 SURAJ DAMODARAN Robotics and Control. Dr. T K Sunilkumar